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It is almost the last week before the Christmas break, are you ready with gifts for your kid’s teachers?

What is the best christmas gift for your kid’s teacher or a day care provider?? I have often seen parents have this question. Over the period of time, I have developed my thought process on this. But I was introduced to a new concept this year when my daughter started a new school. Here we have a little teacher’s survey that we do at the beginning of the school year where the teachers tell you about their favorite things – so when it is time to get them something you know what is the best option available. Check with your class parents may be you already have such list available as I have seen a few schools using that. In her class we pull funds together and get her a gift card for her favorite place which is a great idea!

Other than that anything person home made, hand made is alway appreciated. If you have multiple teachers gift cards from Starbucks – you can never go wrong with it. But my favorite option has always been amazon gift cards. What ever amount you need their gift cards start as low as $10 and comes with a beautiful card or gift box if you are purchasing higher amount cards! Amazon has been my goto gift card for a while now – as they can buy anything they want from the comfort of their home. And with Prime membership gift cards arrive in as little as one day! Awesome!! And of course if it is a last minute thing – go for eGift card comes with beautiful design you can either email it or just print it out!!

If you haven’t already bought something and are interested in getting Amazon gift cards check out the following link – Gift Cards


Blogshot May 7th 2014

“moms 25 Badass Moms Who Are Doing It Right
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This Mother’s Day, salute your mom and these other moms who make being badass look easy.

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15 Gifts Your Kids’ Teachers Will Love
National Teachers Day is upon us and the pressure is killing us! Okay, not really, but we do tend to get a bit anxious when an occasion requires us to give our kids’ teachers gifts. I mean, what if the other parents spend more money and we look cheap? What if the aspiring Martha Stewart mami shows us up with a beautiful craft or mega-thoughtful basket (again)?

Mother’s Day History Is Steeped In Radical, Religious Feminism

The only thing better than the sweet and sentimental Mother’s Day is its radical feminist history steeped in religious values.

The American incarnation of Mother’s Day is the result of years of women’s activism that coincided with other women’s movements — like women’s suffrage and labor movements — around the turn of the 20th century.