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Time for New Year’s Resolutions what are some of yours?

It is new year already – and with the new year there have been tons of new year resolution posts for moms, dads and every one else. I have been going through them as I usually don’t make resolution due to it being either unrealistic or extremely difficult to achieve – so I was looking for a list, that makes sense to me and is achievable. And woila, I have found one perfect list – it suits my requirements, and it is a bit open ended so you have room to make adjustments based on your setup and requirements but in general covers everything that you would want to achieve this new year. So here is my favorite New Year Resolution’s List:

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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution Humor

This year is going to be different. In the years gone by, you may have made a lot of resolutions. Some you may have kept, but more than likely you did not follow through with most of them. As you have gotten older, wiser, and busier, you may find yourself not wanting to make the same mistakes with your New Year’s resolutions this year. In fact, you may be thinking of skipping the tradition all together. This year, however, is the perfect time for you to make some “new” New Year’s resolutions. Instead of making your already busy life busier or pressuring yourself to be the perfect wife and mother, why not change your thinking and your life with some easy resolutions for the super mom. Yes super mom –— that’s you!

Easy New Year’s Resolutions to Simplify Your Life

This year I resolve to create an easy daily routine I can live with.

You may manage to get the kids fed, dressed and ready for the day without having a great daily routine but you may find the morning chaos leaves you feeling frazzled and exhausted. Getting yourself and your kids into an easy daily routine will not only simplify your life but it will cut down on arguments, stress and leave you feeling better about yourself. Here is an example of a very easy daily routine that any busy mom can do. Morning: make your bed, wipe down the bathroom, and take something out for dinner. Evening: get everyone’s clothes, shoes, etc. set out for the next day, give the kids a bath, brush teeth, and put them to bed, and make sure the kitchen is clean before bed time.

For me to achieve this easy routine, I need to know what am I making for dinner and need to have just enough groceries for that , I need to make sure I have enough wipes and diapers – best thing to do – Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save are my favorites. Target is my goto grocery place to make sure I have everything I need.


This year I resolve to get fit and healthy the easy way.

Last year you may have tried the membership to the gym or maybe purchased a treadmill or piece of exercise equipment for yourself. Of course, you would love to have time for going to the gym or getting in a great workout at home. You want this year to be different right? Well there is no reason you can’t get fit and healthy without all the fuss. Resolve to start doing mini-workouts. Try to fit in a mini-workout or two as often as you can. Some ideas for mini-workouts are dancing with the kids, tightening your stomach muscles on your drive to work, or a walk after dinner. You can also do some mini strength training workouts with hand weights or using your body for resistance. Even doing a light fifteen minute workout a few times a week will help you get in shape and stay healthy. You don’t have to make exercise a chore. Just fit in some type of exercise into your daily routine and keep it simple

I try to achieve this by doing some light weight training. I use 3 lbs weight – the goal here is to stay fit, if you loose some weight doing so that is great but end goal is not to loose weight – try these great Weights from Amazon to do may be 15 minutes work out daily -

This year I resolve to eat more meals at home.

If you are a busy mom you probably end up eating out more often than you would like. This is not the most healthy way to eat and you may be adding to some of your financial stress by eating out all the time. This year resolve to make cooking easier. Now this may go against some of the frugal living tips you may have heard but sometimes spending less isn’t really costing you less. When you go grocery shopping, think about what is convenient and easy for you. You may end up paying a little more for groceries by buying meals that are easier to prepare, but this is still cheaper than eating out. What a lot of busy moms tries to do is to go out and buy all the right foods for a healthy meal but then they get so busy they don’t actually cook the healthy meals. The food spoils, or ends up not being used in the meal as planned, and then what, you didn’t save money or eat healthier. So this year resolve to make your cooking easier. Find several easy recipes that you like and that are easy to cook and shop for meals that are convenient for your busy life.

This goes hand in hand with easy daily routine – may be try Amazon Fresh
if you don’t get enough time to shop for home cooked meals.

This year I resolve to make better decisions with my money.

You may be tempted to make this year’s New Year’s resolution to get out of debt. You are probably already working toward this goal, and this year, your resolutions are going to be easy ones. Ones you can keep. Getting out of debt is a big goal and it isn’t something you can necessarily do quickly. You didn’t get into debt overnight so getting out of it may just take some time. This year, though, you can make some changes that will help you from diving deeper into debt and help you to start preparing for a better life in the future. Instead of focusing on getting out of debt commit this year focusing on not creating more debt.

My thinking is spend your money wisely and every point until now is adding up – if you cook at home less wastage of food and less money on eating out, same way working out at home means less money spent for gym membership that is not being used…

This year I resolve to stop over-scheduling.

In your attempt to be a great mom, you take your kids to soccer, dance, gymnastics, go to the parent-teacher meetings, and juggle all the responsibilities that you have at your job. That is enough to make anybody cranky and stressed out. At the end of the day, although you worked hard all day, you may feel like nothing was accomplished. You didn’t have time to sit down all day, yet you got nothing done around the house, dinner was served out of a paper bag, and your kids barely had time to tell you about their day. Take this year to commit to spending more time with your family and say no to over-scheduling.

This is the most important one for me – we tend to over schedule for our kids, I have decided only 2 activities at a time for my kids – that gives the kids a chance to enjoy what they are doing rather than it being a burden. We are switching swimming out for ice skating so my older one would only have to worry about 2 classes – ballet and ice skating.!!

It is almost the last week before the Christmas break, are you ready with gifts for your kid’s teachers?

What is the best christmas gift for your kid’s teacher or a day care provider?? I have often seen parents have this question. Over the period of time, I have developed my thought process on this. But I was introduced to a new concept this year when my daughter started a new school. Here we have a little teacher’s survey that we do at the beginning of the school year where the teachers tell you about their favorite things – so when it is time to get them something you know what is the best option available. Check with your class parents may be you already have such list available as I have seen a few schools using that. In her class we pull funds together and get her a gift card for her favorite place which is a great idea!

Other than that anything person home made, hand made is alway appreciated. If you have multiple teachers gift cards from Starbucks – you can never go wrong with it. But my favorite option has always been amazon gift cards. What ever amount you need their gift cards start as low as $10 and comes with a beautiful card or gift box if you are purchasing higher amount cards! Amazon has been my goto gift card for a while now – as they can buy anything they want from the comfort of their home. And with Prime membership gift cards arrive in as little as one day! Awesome!! And of course if it is a last minute thing – go for eGift card comes with beautiful design you can either email it or just print it out!!

If you haven’t already bought something and are interested in getting Amazon gift cards check out the following link – Gift Cards


It’s Friday Humor Time!! – Most embarrassing things kids say about stranger

Today’s blog – Top 9 Most Embarrassing Things My Kid Has Said About a Stranger Who’s Standing About Four Inches Away From Us from!

#8 ”Did you hear that lady fart?”
#6 ”Why is the principal so fat?”
#4 ”Why does that lady have butter all over her teeth?”
#3 ”When will the priest stop talking?”
#1 ”That man walking his dogs is a stranger, right, Mom? If he asks me to look at puppies, I will say NO!”


Have you met Santa yet? Are you ready for Christmas?

Have you started your Christmas decorations yet? For us we get started on it right after Thanksgiving if we are still in town. This time around it was raining all through Saturday and Sunday and it seemed like a perfect time to get the Christmas tree and ornaments out – Need less to say we use a fake tree… We set it up and let our little once put ornaments on the tree…. First experience for my 2 year old! They had an awesome time doing this…. So we are set with out Christmas tree, luckily we also put up the lights outside the house on Saturday morning before it started pouring… But I still have to get the gifts and put their stockings out….

It is always a problem to get some great stocking stuffers which makes the kids jump with joy, and I am just starting to look around…. Here are some of my favorites from Amazon….

Melissa & Doug Family Dinner Questions - A perfect way to make family dinners interesting!!

Foam Glider Assortment - A perfect gift for Christmas parties!!

Miniature Basket Ball and More - And perfect for my toddler to play around with!!

And checkout some more HERE: Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Also for next year I am planning to get a bigger Christmas tree some awesome new Ornaments:

Here are some ornaments inspired by frozen:

Snowflake Ornaments - Beautiful with light reflections!!

More Disney Frozen Ornaments - My girls will be extra delighted!!

Unfortunately I still haven’t had a chance to take my girls to meet Santa!! I am planning on doing that soon -


photo credit: Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

I love this time of the year, it is fun to see all the decorations all around for me and my girls. Here are some great spots to check out in and around Los Angeles for Christmas light viewing -

Here are some of my favorites!!

Wild for Lights: Los Angeles Zoo

The Biggest Tree: The Grove, Los Angeles

Not So Sleepy: Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Extravaganza, Torrance

Drive By Lighting: Candy Cane Lane, Woodland Hills

Posh Electricity: Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Plan to visit some of them soon!! Are you done with your Christmas decorations, please share your thoughts in the comments section!!


Best Deal of the Week – $30 off on Amazon Fire HD for Kids

Best deal of the week comes from – $30 off on Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet.

It comes wiht 8 GB storage,
1 Year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited,
2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee,
Kid-Proof Protective Case

Great option gift option for the holidays!!

Don’t miss out on this deal from Amazon – 50% off on select Melissa and Doug Toys

I know it is not the deal of the week time – but Melissa and Doug toys have made my kids favorite list most of the time, so couldn’t resist sharing this deal:

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Gym, Travel Crib or Activity Center : My thoughts and Experience

When I was setting up my baby registry – I always wondered what should I buy – Is travel crib required? Will my baby play with the Gym or will she like the Activity center…. Before I go deeper into my experiences – let me clarify a little bit – all three are completely different and in a perfect world you will get all three and use them… I always wanted to get a travel crib or a playpan so I can move it around where ever I am – but my husband never saw the use of it… And I am glad that I did not get it. You can get a travel crib to use while you are going to be travelling if you are travelling a lot that is…. most of the hotels provide a crib upon request but you always question if you should go that route or not… But I was not thinking of buying it for that reason – I just wanted something where my little one can play while I do some other work…. And travel crib is not for that, play pan may be but that to only if your kid does not mind staying in there while he/she is awake… I don’t think either of my girls would have stayed in and played in a play pan or crib while they were awake… Both my kids were very different – my older one used to love playing in the Gym or in the activity center – my little one liked the gym for a bit but she never stayed in the activity center…. Both of them were very active and would not enjoy being confined in one place…

Even being very active when my older one used to enjoy being in the Gym or activity center – I used to think, if you get the kids in the habit of playing with Gym or Activity center early on they will always enjoy it!! Oh boy! How wrong was I! My little one never warmed up to the idea of Activity center… and the Gym to she only played only until she wasn’t able to move around… My older one on the other hand loved playing in both… Regardless of how old she was….When I got my Gym out for my little one to play with – my older one was the one playing with it more than my little one….

So here are my observations:

1. Don’t get travel crib or play pan thinking your kids will enjoy it, wait until you can assess their personality – see if they will enjoy playing on their own in that space or not,

2. Gym and Activity centers are for 2 different age group – you can never go wrong with the Gym as they will for sure enjoy it while they are little.

3. Activity Center – again depends on their personality. My little one loved playing with the activity center toys from outside, but for that you just need different toys that can make noise and light up – no need for an activity center!!

If you have done your homework and are ready to invest in any one of the above – Amazon Gold box has some extra ordinary deals for that.

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