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It is almost the last week before the Christmas break, are you ready with gifts for your kid’s teachers?

What is the best christmas gift for your kid’s teacher or a day care provider?? I have often seen parents have this question. Over the period of time, I have developed my thought process on this. But I was introduced to a new concept this year when my daughter started a new school. Here we have a little teacher’s survey that we do at the beginning of the school year where the teachers tell you about their favorite things – so when it is time to get them something you know what is the best option available. Check with your class parents may be you already have such list available as I have seen a few schools using that. In her class we pull funds together and get her a gift card for her favorite place which is a great idea!

Other than that anything person home made, hand made is alway appreciated. If you have multiple teachers gift cards from Starbucks – you can never go wrong with it. But my favorite option has always been amazon gift cards. What ever amount you need their gift cards start as low as $10 and comes with a beautiful card or gift box if you are purchasing higher amount cards! Amazon has been my goto gift card for a while now – as they can buy anything they want from the comfort of their home. And with Prime membership gift cards arrive in as little as one day! Awesome!! And of course if it is a last minute thing – go for eGift card comes with beautiful design you can either email it or just print it out!!

If you haven’t already bought something and are interested in getting Amazon gift cards check out the following link – Gift Cards


Best Deal of the Week – $30 off on Amazon Fire HD for Kids

Best deal of the week comes from – $30 off on Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet.

It comes wiht 8 GB storage,
1 Year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited,
2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee,
Kid-Proof Protective Case

Great option gift option for the holidays!!

Don’t miss out on this deal from Amazon – 50% off on select Melissa and Doug Toys

I know it is not the deal of the week time – but Melissa and Doug toys have made my kids favorite list most of the time, so couldn’t resist sharing this deal:

Access the deal before it is sold out HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving Every one!!

I asked my older daughter who is 5 what are the 3 things she is thankful for and here is her reply:

1. I am thankful for my whole family specially my sister.

2. I am thankful for my house and the purple walls in my room.

3. I am thankful for all my friends.

It was great to see how fast she could come up with the list and how excited she was to talk about it… :)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

And here are the 3 things I am thankful for this year:

1. I am thankful for the bond my two girls have with each other it is an amazing feeling seeing them doing almost everything together!!

2. I am thankful for great friends – specially my husband who is the biggest friend, philosopher and guide for me….

3. I am thankful for some great opportunities opening up for me….sometimes things just happen without trying!!!

Please share what you are thankful for this thanksgiving and don’t forget to spread the word and the joy… the official holiday season is starting and for me it literally is the “most wonderful time” of the year!!! I love the happiness all around, the christmas trees the decoration and the kids lining up to give Santa their list…. it is all so beautiful and fulfilling….!!

Have your kids made the list already or you are still looking for some options. Don’t forget to check out our best gift ideas section HERE.


$1 Books on Amazon for kids

We usually don’t do deals on Friday but this is very relevant!! I am sure every one has books on their Holiday shopping list and here is a great way to get them! If you are planning for a christmas party at the pre school or gifts for kids at the school – don’t forget to order these $1 books – they make a great gift and amazon has a fabulous collection for all ages!! Don’t forget this deal is only till November 23rd!!

Check out the deal here:

$1 Books

And don’t forget to check their Black Friday deals:

Best Deal of the Week – Great deals on Games at Toys R Us

If you are planning your holiday shopping don’t miss out on these deals. There are currently great deals going on most of the games at “Toys R Us”. Check out the deals HERE:

Some of our other deals are still valid – Check them out HERE.

Also don’t forget to check the Amazon Mom Picks 2014 – Holiday Toy List Favorite Voted by Amazon Mom Facebook Fans!! Check Amazon Top Picks Here:

Holiday shopping on your mind??

Now that Halloween is done and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am sure every one is planning on their Holiday Shopping and how and what to get for the kids!! I love to do most of my Holiday shopping online – and Amazon has made it real easy this time around!!

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping made easy!!

They have just rolled out their Mom Picks 2014 – Holiday Toy List Favorite Voted by Amazon Mom Facebook Fans!! Why would I recommend this list?

1. It is mom tried and tested. We always look towards other moms for our issues and queries, what is better then a list of toys that is tried tested and recommended by other moms!!

2. It is easy to browse and order. If you like some toys from the list for your kids just add them to your cart – no fuss on trying to see where to get the toys from.

3. You don’t have to go visit few different sections in the store to shop for multiple kids, you just sit back and relax and shop for boys, girls, kids, toddlers and infants at the same time!! How convenient is that?

4. And it is delivered to your door step or your work or your husband’s work – where ever you want!! Easy and you can even ask them to gift wrap it for you!! No worries on how you are going to be hiding them or how you are going to be able to fit that big box in your car!! All is taken care of!!

Start your Holiday Shopping Here: