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Strollers, Car seats, Cribs and more – Do you have them sitting in your garage or storage?

Babies need a lot of stuff,  and being the first time parent you went all out and got everything for your little bundle of joy! Crib, travel crib, play pan, swing set, bouncers, play gym  and of course the basics car seat, travel system/strollers! You were both working parents, and decided you need multiple bases for the car seat and guess what you got all of those…. And now your little baby is no longer a baby he/she is a pre schooler or a kindergartner and all those stuff you bought for your baby is no longer needed!! Oh well, pass them on, donate them or save them for your second one….What to do?? What to do??

List a Toy

As long as you are not throwing them away I am okay with it, but today I want to talk to you about this cool solution to this situation – “” – an online portal where you can list those extra things for swap or for sell and in that process get introduced to like minded parents within your neighborhood!! I know what you are thinking, and here are some answers to your doubts and questions…

1. Why should I list them on “” wouldn’t it be better if I just donate them?

Well yes you may donate them, you can ask some one to even come pick them up from your home for donation but will it get you introduced to some like minded parent within your neighborhood? Will it bring you some money or another interesting toy in exchange of it? If you are not one of those parents who would like to make profit or resale the toys, swap it or even if you end up selling them just write a cheque to your favorite charity – this way you can still do both – charity and build a stronger parent community within your neighborhood… kind of like a cherry on top!!

2. But I am planning to have a second baby wouldn’t it be better if I save it for the second one?

Sure, you can save it for the second one if the second one is right around the corner. If not I would suggest list it on “” – get something that you need in exchange or get some money. And when you are ready for the second one go and get something from “” as well. Think about it, wouldn’t it be easier if you did not have to store all that stuff in the garage and would it be better to get something that has not been sitting in your garage for 4 years? Or better yet, you might be able to get something that you swapped on “” back! It is all possible, and don’t forget you are helping in building a strong parent community around you!!

3. Can I just pass them on to the friends and family?

YES!! YES!! YES!! That is what “” is all about. But I am sure it is not easy to check with every friend that you have on one on one basis if they need something that you are trying to pass on… so what do you do? Easy. Just list them on “” and then share the listing by copy/pasting your link to your Facebook/Twitter or G+ pages or even on linkedIn – and see who all is interested! Rather than uploading details on multiple social media, you just upload details on “” and share it on multiple social media websites and groups!!

And please keep in mind even though we are really new, we are growing at a very fast pace, and you can help in our cause of keeping the earth green and building a strong local parent community!!

Please feel free to share your thoughts/ideas/queries in the comment section!! Looking forward to your next listing on “” soon!!

If you have queries about what you should keep in mind before listing things or buying/swapping things from “” refer to our earlier blog on what to keep in mind HERE.

“Happy Sharing” Everyone!! And don’t forget you get access to some awesome deals and coupons while you are browsing for a toy at “”!! Another reason to keep coming back!

Blogshot May 3rd 2014

'The Baby Tree' Tells Kids Where Babies Come From So Parents Don't Have To ‘The Baby Tree’ Tells Kids Where Babies Come From So Parents Don’t Have To
If you break out in a cold sweat just thinking about talking to your kids about where babies come from, you’re not alone.

In a trailer for Sophie Blackall’s new book, The Baby Tree, it’s clear that parents don’t straight-shoot when it comes to the birds and the bees. Their explanations about where babies come from range from a cute “mommies grab them from the hay,” to the strange “they order them online.”

How parents are ruining youth sports How parents are ruining youth sports
Adults should remember what athletics are really about.

Not long ago, I was invited to speak at the annual banquet for an “elite” youth hockey organization. Before dinner, the organization’s president mentioned how he and his neighbor, another hockey dad, had seen the need for a top-tier program in their area, and how much planning and money it had required to create one. He rhapsodized about the championships his teams had won in their first two years of operation. He also said his 6-year-old son and his neighbor’s boy were hockey-crazed best friends — or at least they used to be. His neighbor’s son was not selected for the mite team that first year, and the two men and their boys had not spoken to each other since.

One life – One CalendarOne life – One Calendar
For a long time I kept two separate calendars: one for work and one for home. I thought it was necessary to keep two very separate schedules in order to be in control of both facets of my life. I wasn’t working with men who were open about what they were dealing with outside of the office, so I followed their lead and never talked about my mothering dilemmas. What kind of weakness would I be exposing if I told them that an elementary school teacher was getting under my skin?

Nor did I want to think about what might cross my boss’s mind if he saw an entry for a second-grade Halloween party on my Tuesday morning calendar. My calendar became a microcosm for what I felt I was battling in the rest of the world.

Is All Yelling Harmful?
Is All Yelling Harmful?
Understanding the differences between loud and hurtful yelling.

I think the key message in this study is that repeated, verbal assault is the same as repeated, physical assault. It’s a matter of clarifying what yelling or shouting means versus harsh verbal discipline. The big difference is that yelling or shouting could just be a volume thing. This is much less harmful. When verbal discipline affects the core of a person’s being, that is where the harm lies.

How Free Play Can Define Kids’ Success
How Free Play Can Define Kids’ Success

Free, unstructured playtime gives kids a chance to discover their interests and tap into their creativity. It’s a crucial element for building resilience in children, an attribute they’ll need in order to become happy, productive adults. That’s Kenneth Ginsburg’s thesis and the core of his book Building Resilience in Children and Teens.

Blogshot Apr 30th 2014

Why Extra Curricular Activities Are Not Extra Why Extra Curricular Activities Are Not Extra
The push towards employable skills like math and science is filtering down to the youngest students in the U.S. With tight school budgets to manage, school administrators are cutting music, art and foreign language programs first, despite robust research showing that training in these “extra” subjects is actually crucial to students’ development.

Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests
When a baby cries at night, exhausted parents scramble to figure out why. He’s hungry. Wet. Cold. Lonely. But now, a Harvard scientist offers more sinister explanation: The baby who demands to be breastfed in the middle of the night is preventing his mom from getting pregnant again.

15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family
6. Kids pick up their toys each evening. This has countless benefits: 1) It teaches responsibility. 2) It helps kids realize that more isn’t always better. 3) The home is clean for mom and dad when the kids are in bed. 4) It’s a clear indication that the day has come to an end. Gosh, you’d think with all these benefits it would be easier for us to get the kids to do it…

8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Kids
8 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Kids
PMore and more studies are showing that early childhood eating habits can affect health status well into adulthood. The earlier you can start instilling healthy eating habits for your family the better, so here are 8 ways to encourage healthy eating habits in your kids:

Space-Starved Parents Move Their Babies Into Bathrooms and Closets
Space-Starved Parents Move Their Babies Into Bathrooms and Closets

UPPER WEST SIDE — This ought to speed up potty-training.

Space-starved parents are finding relief by using a new source of alternative bedroom space for their babies: their bathrooms.

Happy Kids, Clutter Free Closets Part- III – What to do with Easter candies and goodies!! Happy Earth Day!

Have you ever wondered at the end of easter egg hunt or valentine’s day or trick or treat on Halloween what are you going to do with all the candies and goodies that you get? My daughter has been going to day care since she was 9 months old and every festival, every birthday she would bring a whole lot of things she received from her friends and birthday goodie bags.  And very early on I figured out the solution to this – So if you no longer want to worry about what do I do with easter candies or halloween candies or valentine goodies or return gifts – read on.

I figured out very early on that most of the valentine’s goodies or return gift goodies or easter eggs consisted of the following,

  • sticker or tattoos
  • small toys
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • candies and chocolates
  • little snack bags

So I started sorting things out the day they get home. For instance on the valentine’s day when she comes home with the Valentine’s goodies, I sort them out so the small toys goes in to the treasure drawer, the little snack bags go in the snack jar, candies and chocolates either go into candy jar or in the refrigerator chocolate box. The stickers and tattoos go into the sticker pouch.  And erasers, pencils go into the stationary box. Same thing goes for at the end of a birthday party or Easter or Halloween.

Pretty soon I had a great treasure drawer and a big collection of stickers tattoos, candies and chocolates. And I use these to reward my kids when they do a great job. When I started potty training my daughter, I used these stickers to help her decorate her potty seat. She was able to choose her reward from the treasure drawer or candy jar when ever she did a great job on potty.

Till date we do the same thing when she gets the goodies. And because we have been doing this since a long time she helps me out now to sort things and store them in the right place.  And she knows when ever she does a good job she has tons of things to choose from as reward. This also stops her from eating tons of candies at a time and having a sugar rush. And we end up helping the mother earth as we are not wasting any of these. Perfect tip for today’s earth day!! I also save those plastic eggs, if they are still in good condition. The next year I can reuse them to have my own egg hunt around the house. A great game for kids play dates!!

If you have missed the first two part of this series here are the links:

Happy Kids, Clutter Free Closets Part I
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Happy Kids, Clutter Free Closets Part- II

Continuing in the series of Happy Kids, Clutter Free Closets – Let us go over clothes and accessories today. I have two girls so plenty of accessories …

If you have missed the first part of this series click here to find it.

Clothes and Accessories:

  • My girls love dresses –  and to keep those dresses like new I like to keep them well organized and stored on the hangers. I usually make sure that their jackets and dresses are always on the hangers. Closet doubler helps me so I can keep both their clothes in the same closet without mixing them up and cramping the space. Here is how I use it,
  • photo 1
  • The closet doubler are pretty cheap around 10-15 $ and you can buy it at sears, Walmart, target or even online at ( But they give you an advantage of doubling the closet space. For me it also gives me a way to separately hang clothes for both my girls in the same closet.
  • I usually hang their special occasion clothes separately and that is on the other side of the closet doubler. As this closet doubler  usually is half size of any closet size.  On the other side I have space  to store the accessories and the socks and under pants.
  • To store the accessories I have a three drawer plastic storage unit that fits right inside my closet. Here is how I am using it.
  • I sort accessories by type in separate Ziploc or boxes or pouches, and then put those inside different drawers in the storage unit. I have one for bracelets, one for necklaces, one for rings, one for earings and so on…
  • The hat, hair bands and purses have special space on top of the storage unit. And the storage unit goes right under their special occasion dresses.
  • photo 3 photo (1) photo (2)
  • You can figure out which size storage unit you would like that would fit in your closet and again just buy it either from Walmart, target, Sears or online at Amazon (
  • Their socks and under pants are stored in closet drawer organizers from IKEA ( Or you can buy it from the container store( or Amazon(
  • Apart from closet they also share a 6 drawer dresser. Here both girls have their own drawer for their tops and own drawer for their bottoms that makes total of 4 drawers. This way they can mix and match giving them a ton of options.
  • Out of the other two drawers one is for swimming gear and one is for hand me downs – my older one gets a lot of hand me downs but sometimes they are a little bigger. I store them in this drawer so I can get them out when she is ready for those.
  • Twice a year I gather all the clothes that are not being used and store them in container boxes with the age marked on it so when my little one is ready for those  I can just get the box out and start using them. Or just sell or swap them at
  • My daughter loves swapping dresses with her friends, specially the halloween costumes and the special occasion dresses – it is a great way to give her variety of clothes without breaking my budget.
  • I love to do dress shopping at Costco they have great dresses for a very reasonable prices that last me really long. They have some really gorgeous dresses for around ~20.00$.
  • What are some of your challenges with your kids clothes and accessories and how do you address them? Please feel free to comment in the comment section!